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Auction Messenger  
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Auction Messenger (for eBay)Customer Comments 

Customer comments already are saying how useful Auction Messenger is to them.  Why haven't you purchased Auction Messenger to be more successful on eBay?

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J. Mansker: It's working great. My fondest wish is to *never* have to open up My eBay page again.

I. Hughes: I would like to say to anyone using eBay either in the UK OR US, then this program will help keep track of all your listings on eBay. A must have program for anyone who uses eBay.

T. Stockton: Just finished leaving feedback for over 20 folks and this program makes it quick and easy. So far this program is super and will save me a lot of time and energy.

M. Stafford: It is pretty cool to be able to pull my stuff this quickly.

B. Colyer: Auction Messenger saves me a lot of time by not having to bring up the browser and logon every time to see my auctions.  Thanks Auction Messenger!

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