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Auction Messenger  
win and sell more auctions     

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Product Detail

If you love eBay like we do, you need this program to make your eBay experience more enjoyable.  Stay up-to-date on all your favorite auctions without having to always log onto eBay.

Download Auction Messenger for Windows

Color Coded Auctions

Now your auctions are color coded so you can quickly see which auctions have met their reserves or if you are the high bidder.  Green means you are ahead, Red means you need to either bid more or your reserve hasn't been met.


Auction Alerts

I bet you don't like missing the ending of an auction because 95% of the time, that is when you will get out bid!  Now Auction Messenger will alert you to the ending of a Auction so you can be there till the bell rings.


Quickly Take Action

Now that you see an interesting auction or want to check a users feedback history, you can click on the auction item and a context sensitive menu will appear listing the actions you can do on that auction item.


Action menus when you click on an Auction Item

Select your default view of auction history


View History

You can quickly change your Day View to view past history on your account.

Update Often

You can tell Auction Messenger how often you would like it to connect to eBay and retrieve your auction information.


How Much do you Owe eBay?

Here is a feature we really like.  If you are selling a lot of items, you never really know how much you are being charged.  Now you do, Auction Messenger will automatically retrieve your account balance for you.


One Click to Search

Now you are only One Click Away from your favorite searches!  No need to log onto eBay and go to your search page.  Now it is delivered right to Auction Messenger!

Monitor Active Auctions

Wow, look at that.  Right there in Auction Messenger you can see if an auction has ended or how much time is remaining on an auction!  You didn't even have to log into eBay and go find that page and search through the page to find the end time.


Keep up to Date

Keep up to date by clicking this link which will take you to our latest versions page.  Upgrades are free!


And much, much more available in the register version of Auction Messenger for only $9.95!

Download Auction Messenger for Windows

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